Changing Myself

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

Recently, I have revisited this idea or concept in discussions with my husband and felt that this would be a great post. Last year around Christmas time I sent out a family newsletter to our friends and family. In this newsletter I touched on the topic of pointing the finger inward rather than outward. At that time I found it interesting that there are so many people on the internet sharing quotes and great ideas, but even with such wise words everywhere there is still little change in the world. Why is this? Because people want to change the world. They point outward and seem to have all of these great ideas about how they can rearrange the circumstances of life to make it better. Not that I think that isn’t a noble goal, but is it working? Have we examined ourselves enough to know what is best for the world?

To know yourself is to align yourself with life. Or even deeper yet, to know yourself is to BE life. If you are life, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that you would be in reverence of ALL life? Even if it is seemingly bad or wrong, does it make sense to destroy it? Life is not destructive. It cannot be destructive. How can life be anti life? Why would life want to destroy itself? In this way, it makes sense to love or to see yourself in another.

If the majority of people are too busy rearranging the circumstances of the outer world, to find out the answers to these questions, then how can they think that they know what is best for the world? So it is in this that I would like to stop looking outward for answers and search within for the truest and most loving part of myself by stripping away all of the things that make me think that I have any answers that will ever truly change the world. I truly believe that when I find that place, I will not have to change the world, because it will be perfect, just as it is.